The latest research from OAAA and The Harris Poll reveals increased opportunities for OOH engagement as Americans begin a return to normalcy.

The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has once again partnered with The Harris Poll to explore recent consumer behaviors and the opportunities for OOH engagement they bring as part of their first Consumer Insights and Intent report of 2022.

 Seasonal Shopping:

As a result of loosening pandemic restrictions across the country, U.S. retail sales has jumped (18%) in the past year. However, it may come as a surprise to learn that brick and mortar sales grew faster than e-commerce:

  • While e-commerce sales grew from (10.7%) to (13.2%) of total retail sales from 2019 to 2021, physical store shopping remains the overwhelming choice of consumers.

Gift purchases by younger Gen Z and consumers in cities of 1M+ population, respectively, are influenced by OOH for these special occasions:

  • Mother’s Day (61%) and (60%)
  • Father’s Day (56%) and (54%)
  • Weddings (51%) and (58%)
  • Graduations (49%) and (50%

Auto-OOH Insights:

Of the (43%) of automotive OOH ad viewers that engaged with the ad:

  • (38%) visited the advertiser’s website or did online research
  • (30%) shared information about the ad by word of mouth
  • (23%) visited the dealer or brand showroom

The automotive OOH ads most likely to engage consumers are:

  • (45%) new model release
  • (37%) fuel economy
  • (36%) limited time special pricing
  • (26%) maintenance and service
  • (25%) limited time financing offers

Commuting and Summer Travel:

 As businesses across the country reopen to in-person work, OOH advertisers will see increased opportunities to reach consumers on their way to and from work.

Of the (85%) of consumers planning to travel for summer vacations:

  • (48%) will take two weeks or more of vacation time, up from (41%) in summer 2021
  • (60%) of Boomers will take two weeks or more of vacation time – more than any other demographic
  • (65%) are likely to visit a beach or lake
  • (53%) are likely to visit national or state parks
  • (69%) of consumers feel safe flying, up from (59%) in April 2021.

OOH Relevance:

Of the (43%) of consumers who say they are noticing OOH ads more now than before the pandemic began:

  • (63%) are Gen Z
  • (62%) are Urbanities in cities of 1M+ population
  • (59%) are Millennials

Overall, the findings in this consumer report reveal that consumers are eager to travel and shop as they did before the pandemic. These desires combined with a return to in-person work provide advertisers across industries with ideal opportunities for achieving meaningful OOH engagement in urban and airport markets.

Sources: OAAA-Harris Poll Consumer Insights and Intent Q1 2022 Executive Summary


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