It’s the season for this major purchase.
As spring rolls around, so does a series of different automotive advertisements on Chicago Digital Network. A significant increase of auto ads during this time coincides with one of the industry’s peak seasons of demand. Typically dipping in winter, automobile sales increase in spring due to nice weather and the arrival of tax refunds.
Luxury brand, Porsche is currently running a campaign featuring its newest Taycan model on our Chicago digital billboards. The elite status of this fully electric model puts it in direct competition with the renowned Tesla vehicles, and mass advertisements give an edge on the opposition. The polished look of digital inventory graphics is the right fit for this high-end brand, as it isn’t just spotted on any typical billboard.
Advertising on CDN can fulfill a variety of marketing purposes. Porsche is using it to build brand identity and product awareness, Chevrolet focuses on driving traffic to their website, and one car dealership is attracting people to their in-town dealership to view models in person. No matter the campaign goal, auto-sellers are maximizing their profits during this window when the average sale price of cars can rise 10-15%.