Brands such as LVMH’s Hennessy, China Guangfa Bank Mastercard, and Estée Lauder are celebrating the Lunar New Year at some of JCDecaux’s major international airports!

Hennessy kicked off the Year of the Rat by partnering with an internationally renowned artist, Zhang Huan, and captivated audiences from around the world with his vibrant and cultural works of art. They showcased their groundbreaking collaboration at John F. Kennedy International (JFK), Los Angeles International (LAX), and Miami International (MIA) airports, the gateway airports into the world.

China Guangfa Bank Mastercard dominated JFK’s International Arrivals area in terminal 1 of the airport and welcomed arriving passengers with a unique and immersive experience. This domination was inclusive of wrapped columns, wrapped railings, and static banners, all in the celebration’s signature bright, red hue, making it impossible for travelers to walk by without taking second and third glances.

Estée Lauder also celebrated the Lunar New Year by setting up pop-up exhibits at JFK and LAX. The eye-catching red exhibits effortlessly drew in the cosmopolitan audience traveling through these major airports.

Check out Estée Lauder’s breathtaking exhibit at JFK: