People continue to travel on Chicago's major expressways.
While the greater part of society is practicing social distancing in both their professional and personal lives, a portion of the population continue to rightly leave their homes. These groups include those stocking up on essential provisions and necessary professionals including health workers, banking staff, transportation staff, government employees, grocery store and food distribution staff, and more. As COVID-19 poses major health risks, these individuals are choosing the safest means of transportation, traveling by car.
Chicago highways are proving to be especially popular routes of travel as observed from daily traffic feeds. While Chicago saw a decline of approximately 32% in traffic by March 20th, as reported by INRIX, we observed an ongoing flow of traffic on Monday March 23rd between the hours of noon and 6pm CDT on all major highways on which our digital billboards are located, including the Kennedy Expressway, the Dan Ryan Expressway, and the Stevenson Expressway.
Our Chicago Digital Network has always been successful, as the city is a market in which driving is the primary mode of transportation for most of its population. CDN continues to prove itself an effective OOH advertising platform, especially during a health crisis in which people are spending minimal time outside of their homes.