The UN Secretariat of the Special Envoy for Road Safety partnered with JCDecaux for the Streets For Life campaign.

In preparation for the United Nations high-level meeting on road safety last week, the global Streets For Life campaign launched on our NYC digital bus shelters. As a collaboration between JCDecaux and the Secretariat of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety, the campaign aims to work together towards reducing the number of road victims by half by 2030.

As the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, the United Nations called upon JCDecaux to collaborate with them on this campaign, ensuring that this important safety message reaches audiences globally. 

Pictured: Jean Todt (The United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety.), Jean-Luc Decaux (President & Co-CEO at JCDecaux North America), and Olga Algayerova (Executive Secretary of UNECE, UN USG)

Over the next few months, the campaign is launching across 80 different countries, spreading the word about how the journey to a better planet starts with safer roads. In dedication to a new decade of road safety, celebrities including Michelle Yeah, Actor and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, and Charles Leclerc, race car driver have teamed up with the campaign in effort to attract more city dwellers to the campaign's message. 

With road crashes being the leading killer of children and young people worldwide, ensuring individuals know that dangers are vital towards creating a more sustainable future, for our people and the planet. 



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