Our OOH network is showcasing the strength of advertising self-care across our Chicago digital network.

As shown in INRIX’s Global Traffic Scorecard, Chicago is the most congested urban area in the US, making our digital billboards the perfect platform for maximum reach. Even the self-care and beauty category, a rarity on billboards, have made their way onto our Chicago digital network.

According to research from The Harris Poll and OAAA, Americans are noticing OOH ads at an increased rate compared to last year. In addition, Solomon Partners found that OOH produces the highest levels of consumer recall compared to other mediums. With the beauty and personal care market being one of the fastest-growing consumer markets, at an estimated revenue of $91.4b, according to Statista, our billboards are the perfect opportunity to reach a wider audience of consumers looking to treat themselves.

For example, DECIEM - the Abnormal Beauty Company - used our network to raise awareness about their new skincare formulas from The Ordinary. They created flexibility in their product reveal by running their campaign programmatically across our Chicago digital billboard network.

Similarly, Dollar Shave Club used our network to create a direct call to action to purchase their epic and affordable razors online and in-store. As the only digital network across the high-trafficking Chicago expressway, the brand increased its brand presence and spread brand awareness.

When it comes to the cluttered beauty and self-care industry, individuals want a brand they can trust and complete transparency in the product. OOH is able to cut through the digital noise and reach consumers in a non-invasive environment, leading toward brand trust, loyalty, and overall interest.  

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