Universal Pictures has partnered with JCDecaux Airport for a domination of American Airline’s terminal 4 at Los Angeles International Airport to promote their upcoming release Sing 2.
The beloved characters from Universal Studio’s popular movie ‘Sing’ will be returning to theatres with a sequel on Christmas- but in the meantime, travelers can find them displayed across terminal 4 at Los Angeles International Airport.
JCDecaux Airport offers a wide array of advertising opportunities in our partner airports- airport dominations like this new campaign are the ideal way to immerse travelers in your brand and get them excited for upcoming releases.
This campaign runs across JCDecaux’s prestige, standout inventory located in key pulse points throughout LAX, reaching arriving and departing passengers. This domination takes over showstopping digital spectaculars, larger-than-life wallwraps, exterior skybridges, passenger tunnel, and security trays. This iconic takeover is situated in the U.S.’s top entertainment market and #1 origin and destination airport and is perfectly timed to reach families traveling for the holiday season.
JCDecaux’s latest LAX takeover is a great way for this family-friendly movie to capture the attention of children and their parents and keep Sing 2 top of mind as they look for activities to do together on their holiday time off.

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