With a bold airport out-of-home campaign, SIXT is navigating the competitive U.S. car rental market, leveraging strategic airport placements to expand its presence and captivate millions of travelers.

Tackling Market Competition

In 2011, SIXT embarked on a journey into the competitive U.S. car rental market. A decade in, the U.S. has surpassed Germany to become SIXT’s primary market. Despite its remarkable expansion, SIXT still claims a modest market share when stacked against titans such as Enterprise, Avis, and Hertz, who command over 70% of the industry. In a landscape revolutionized by car-sharing services and the presence of an average of nine car rental providers at airports, expanding market share is a formidable challenge. It is within this competitive context that outdoor advertising shines as a pivotal tool, giving brands a direct platform to grow their customer base.

SIXT Digital Ad LAX
SIXT, Los Angeles International Airport 

OOH Campaign Success

SIXT’s dynamic out-of-home campaigns have been a cornerstone of its success in European markets. Recognized by Brand Finance as the fastest-growing car rental company in brand value – a staggering 265% surge over 5 years - SIXT is channeling its promotional energies into U.S. airports. With more than half of its revenue stemming from airport rentals, SIXT is capitalizing on JCDecaux’s diverse mix of static and digital displays at key travel hubs. This strategic move positions SIXT to captivate tens of millions of travelers nationwide, enhancing brand recognition and as a result winning new customers.

SIXT Exterior LAX
SIXT, Los Angeles International Airport

Full Airport Domination

The” Rent THE Car” campaign accentuates SIXT’s commitment to premium service and an upscale fleet, with a luxury vehicle selection more than twice that of its nearest rival. At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), SIXT’s iconic orange saturates everything from exterior ads to column wraps and digital screens, crafting an omnipresent brand experience. By moving beyond the arrivals area and leveraging a full airport program the car rental company is supercharging their reach. This extensive visibility strategically employs the Mere Exposure Effect: repeated exposure fosters favorable brand perception, giving SIXT an advantageous positioning in the consumer’s mind from the moment they get off the plane.

Sixt Columns LAX
SIXT, Los Angeles International Airport 

Strategic Ad Placement

In Orlando, a key location due to its high volume of tourists, SIXT strategically utilizes wayfinding banners that seamlessly navigate travelers from the airport exit to the SIXT stand, streamlining the customer journey to the point of sale. A similar strategy unfolds at MIA, where SIXT has transformed the entire jet bridge interior leading to the parking garage into a vivid orange brand showcase.

SIXT Billboard MCO
SIXT, Orlando International Airport

At Chicago O’Hare Airport, the campaign continues with wall wraps greeting travelers as they arrive at the airport’s Multi Modal Facility, a central access point for all transportation to and from the airport. This pivotal hub, bustling with passengers in search of their next mode of transport, offers SIXT a golden opportunity to engage with potential customers precisely when transportation is top of mind. The presence of these vibrant visuals is reinforced by a strategic partnership with the Chicago Bulls, lending an air of distinction and elevating SIXT’s reputation as a premier choice for discerning travelers.

SIXT Wallwrap ORD
SIXT, Chicago O'Hare International Airport

SIXT’s assertive campaign exemplifies the impact a brand can make when it aims to stand out. Leveraging the diverse advertising opportunities provided by airport hubs across the nation, companies can craft advertising campaigns to help meet their goals. For SIXT, the objective is clear: to transition from a high-quality challenger brand to a recognized, established leader in the competitive U.S. car rental market.