The expansion to this busy LA transit hub will feature new opportunities from JCDecaux.

JCDecaux’s advertising opportunities in Delta Air Lines’ new terminal will include coverage of the TSA security checkpoint, departures level and baggage claim! Opening to the public on April 20th, a year ahead of schedule, the new construction will approximately double the amount of terminal space and add 9 new passenger gates.

Delta’s significant investment into their footprint at the LAX is representative of their status as one of the major airport’s biggest and busiest carriers- Delta had the most landings out of any airline in February. Their new headhouse, the first phase in developing their new Delta Sky Way at LAX, will streamline the boarding process for Delta passengers, create a premium check-in experience for Delta One customers and launch the terminal’s luxurious Delta Sky Club. Exciting new technology in partnership with TSA will use digital identities to allow qualifying passengers to check in hands-free.

Passengers entering the terminal will spend time in view of our new larger-than-life framed banner at the TSA queue. Advertising on this unmissable placement will allow advertisers to benefit from the security checkpoint’s long dwell times.

After passing through TSA, departing travelers will be greeted head-on by 5 vibrant digital iVisions. These screens will capture 100% of arrivals to the terminal and offer dynamic full-motion capabilities.

Past this network of iVisions, two digital spectaculars are strategically placed by the entrance to the Delta lounge and by the entrance to Terminal 2.

The new baggage claim will include 12 digital advertising screens on the carousels and one interactive visitor kiosk. Each carousel will feature two screen banks made up of three information panels and one JCDecaux advertising screen. These highly visible placements will create extended brand interactions between advertisers and arriving passengers waiting on their luggage.

A larger advertising panel will be featured on the interactive visitor kiosk, engaging passengers as they pause to look for information and make calls.

This new terminal, intended to ease and simplify navigation through the nation’s second busiest airport, will serve the rebound in domestic and international travel; LAX welcomed just over 48 million passengers in 2021, a number which is projected to increase by 71% to nearly 82 million in 2022

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