Nationally-ranked entertainment destination Seaworld captures summer traffic at Orlando International Airport.

Seaworld and the travel industry share a common belief- it’s time to soar and see the world again! These taglines appears in the latest campaign from this popular amusement park throughout Orlando International Airport- there’s no better time or place for Seaworld’s ad campaign.

Larger than life static banners and vibrant digital displays brand the baggage claim at the busy Florida airport with Seaworld messaging. This high-dwell time area engages with 100% of arriving passengers as they pick up their luggage and head off to home or vacation in the area.

Exciting mixed media placements shows off Seaworld’s appeal to travelers looking for all sorts of fun- animal-lovers, families, and thrill seekers alike are sure to be drawn in by the advertised roller coasters and sea animals.

Allianz Partners research named Orlando as the nation’s #1 summer travel destination, and there’s still time left in the season for Seaworld to capture tourists looking to have some fun in the sun. Their campaign is sure to capture the attention of these visitors and remind them that they are an exciting and nationally ranked destination for summer fun.

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