The broad appeal of alcohol products makes OOH advertising an ideal medium for reaching consumers. Now, changing consumer behaviors are offering top alcohol brands new reasons for implementing OOH into their holiday marketing strategy.
'Tis the season for feeling jolly, and for many that involves a festive cocktail, glass of wine, or cold beer with friends and family. With all the reasons to celebrate over the winter season combined with COVID-era changes in consumer preferences, it should come as no surprise that this November and December are poised to be two of the busiest months for top alcohol distributors.

A June 2021 consumer survey report by the alcohol delivery platform, Drizly, found that while COVID-19 restrictions sparked a sharp uptick in-home consumption of alcohol, the trend is likely to continue through the winter holiday season as an overwhelming majority of respondents expect to continue their at-home drinking habits post-pandemic with similar or greater frequency.
Renowned tequila makers Maestro Dobel and Patron are taking advantage of these consumer habits with sophisticated creatives on our Chicago digital CIP units that emulate their simplistic yet classic brand images.  
OOH media formats like our street furniture inventory are the perfect solutions for brands looking to reach a broad 21+ audience as well as targeted demographics at or near the point of purchase.  
Jameson and Glenmorangie are showcasing their own holiday staples with cozy ads that are sure to spread some holiday cheer.
As Glenmorangie takes over our New York digital shelters and newsstands with bright and festive visuals that highlight the versatility of their signature scotch, Jameson is showcasing their fan-favorite triple-distilled whisky with static creatives on our CDN billboards and both static creatives and motion videos on our New York digital network.
Also leveraging the high reach of our premium Chicago digital billboards is Rémy Martin, whose campaign with music legend Usher has been promoting their top-shelf cognac to Chicago residents and commuters from May up to the start of this holiday season. The added credibility of a celebrity endorsement enhances this creative’s already powerful aesthetic, and our large format billboards are the perfect platforms for bringing this campaign to life.
Stolichnaya’s recent evolution of their “Liberate Your Spirit” campaign successfully captures the attitudes and values of young consumers with a message of honest self-expression and personal freedom on our Chicago digital CIP units.

Being able to engage younger demographics is crucial in maximizing campaign impact as according to a recent consumer engagement report by The Harris Poll and OAAA, 67% of both Gen Z and Millennials have seen an OOH ad reposted on social media, with 91% and 82% respectively saying they would reshare an OOH ad themselves.
Of course, what is a holiday party without wine? Roscato is running their new holiday campaign on our New York and Chicago static shelters to drive sales of their irresistible collection of Italian wines.
Meanwhile Cupcake Lighthearted is taking over Chicago with ads on our static shelters and large format digital billboards to achieve maximum reach and brand awareness of their premium low-calorie offerings.   
For those with a taste for beer, Guinness and Peroni are kicking off the holiday season with their own festive campaigns on our unmissable Chicago digital CIPs.

The combination of our top-of-the-line OOH inventory with simple, eye-catching creatives like these makes for a powerful campaign that can maximize impact by effectively spreading brand awareness and driving sales of signature products.

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