As the U.S. travel and tourism industry begins an exciting post-pandemic comeback, Expedia is helping consumers plan their getaways with an OOH campaign on our comprehensive digital networks of street furniture and large-format billboard advertising panels in New York City and Chicago.

According to Expedia CEO Peter M Kern, Summer 2022 will be the ‘busiest travel season ever,’ and his prediction is not unfounded; forecasts from the World Travel & Tourism Council show U.S. travel and tourism will exceed pre-pandemic levels by 6.2%.

Meanwhile, a recent consumer report by OAAA and The Harris Poll found that of the 85% of consumers who are planning to travel for summer vacations, 69% feel save flying- up from 59% in April of 2021. This report also highlights a trend of longer getaways, with 48% of consumers (60% of Boomers) saying they plan on taking two weeks or more of vacation time.

NYC - Digital Bus Shelter

Expedia launched their latest campaign at an ideal time for travel-industry advertisers as passenger traffic continues to approach pre-pandemic volume; our airport partners are again expected to outperform this summer, with Forward Keys projecting July 2022 traffic of over 51 million passengers- up from July 2021’s pandemic record of 34.6 million.

As was the case with other booking sites, Expedia lost significant web traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as key U.S. states and international destinations have begun to ease travel restrictions, Kern is more than optimistic that consumers are willing to splurge on travel as they crave a return to normalcy.  

Chicago - Digital CIP

With this eagerness to get away, Expedia has once again chosen to leverage JCDecaux’s digital urban networks of out-of-home panels to promote their all-in-one booking platform and regain market share as the U.S. travel industry makes a full post-pandemic comeback.

Chicago - Digital Billboard

Their Made to Travel campaign tugs at the heartstrings of urban residents who’ve been longing for a chance to make new memories. To command attention from pedestrians and vehicular traffic, our hard-to-miss digital ad faces showcase captivating landscapes of just some of the thousands of travel destinations made possible with Expedia.  

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