This January, out-of-home isn’t letting you forget those 2020 resolutions. Advertisers are widely capitalizing on the most commonly set New Year’s goals: health and fitness.

As time persists, many people find it challenging to stand by their new goals, especially when they are out in the real world. Brands promoting healthy lifestyles, such as Smart Water, Equinox, and Target are redirecting audiences to their quickly forgotten goals.

Our Chicago Digital Network platform is a perfect match for the Smartwater campaign, as health resolutions are highly popular among the public and billboards reach the masses. Equinox utilized our New York digital street furniture for a drive-to-store campaign, strategically placing their ads within near proximity to their locations. Target also chose digital street furniture to showcase its brand new activewear line, reaching both pedestrians and drivers on the city streets.

These advertisements are showcasing products which make the ends of a healthy lifestyle seem both achievable and fun for the audience.​​​​​​​