Ever wonder who is behind our photos? Introduce yourself to some of our fantastic JCDecaux photographers!

Cooper Billington

is the head photographer in New York City, whose high contrast and captivating style have proven him to be an incredibly valuable addition to our talented team of photographers! He's a firm believer in the idea that a great image can tell a captivating story. As a result, each of his shots radiates the soul of New York. His photos mainly revolve around showcasing the brands that grace our bus shelters, and newsstands. In his free time, he relishes doing conceptual, documentary, and street photography.

Cooper Billington snaps a photo using a tripod while sitting on his e-bike

Anna Blank

tackles Chicago's street furniture through her unique style, showcasing bold colors and patterns throughout her work. She received her photography degree from Columbia College Chicago. In addition to her work at JCDecaux, she is a fashion photographer, centering around elements of sustainable garments and the female gaze! Additionally, Anna has dabbled in roles such as on-figure stylist, set designer, and on-set producer. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, spending time in nature, and working on physical art pieces.

Anna Blank poses with her digital camera in front of a sky blue photography backdrop

Sam Wachs

serves as our Boston photographer. He is a Boston local and an Emerson College student majoring in visual media arts. His approach to photography revolves around bold and engrossing compositions and color choices, a skill he has honed through shooting dozens of concerts and live events. When shooting various bus shelters, kiosks, and digital panels around Boston, Sam incorporates his eye for street photography into his work. When he's not working at JCDecaux, you can find Sam listening to music while reading a good book! 

Sam Wachs, camera in hand, smiles at the camera in front of a bushy backdrop

Our airport team consists of photographers spanning across the country, including Daniel McCarty, our photographer at Los Angeles International Airport. He began working with JCDecaux in February of last year and says, "there aren't many days that I wake up and feel like I have to go to work." He is passionate about photography alongside making music, sculpture, chainsaw carving, painting, writing, and welding. He also owns his own production company, allowing him to explore other interests through the camera including environmental work, cars, music, and more!

Daniel McCarty

Daniel McCarthy looks at the viewer with digital camera slung over his neck in front of rustic background

Additionally our airport photographers consists of multiple operations team members who help us daily in capturing campaigns throughout airports! One of them being Garry Hershman who photographs the campaigns running on our inventory in the Houston Airport. He has worked for JCDecaux for ten years and says that "no two days are ever the same." He enjoys problem-solving and has a small bird farm with chickens, turkeys, quail, ducks, doves, and Partridge. In addition, he enjoys getting involved in his local government and church in his free time.

Garry Hershman

Garry Hershmann waves hello from the window of his JCDecaux operations van

Although not all featured, thank you to all the individuals on our team who bring our inventory to life through capturing campaigns in real-time; we appreciate all that you do and recognize all your hard work!