Top fashion advertisers are working to leave an impression on urbanites as they update their wardrobes ahead of Summer 2022. One of this season’s most popular buys? Sunglasses- and JCDecaux is helping consumers make their pick.
Longchamp, NYC - Digital Newsstand

Out-of-home for fashion advertising is a perfect match; the ability to reach target consumers where they are more aware of their surroundings and near relevant points of purchase is an ideal circumstance for driving sales.

Tom Ford, NYC - Digital Bus Shelter

The timing could not be better either as retail sales are expected to grow between 6 and 8 percent in 2022, amounting to over $4.8 trillion according to the National Retail Federation.  Accordingly, March 2022 data from Kantar found that total OOH spend from retail advertisers saw a 19% increase from 2020 to 2021.

Ray-Bans, NYC Digital Newsstand

It should be noted that physical shopping is by no means being overshadowed by e-commerce, even in the age of same-day shipping; according to a 2021 Monthly Trade Report from the US Department of Commerce, 2021 saw brick and mortar sales grow faster than e-commerce for the first time ever – 18.5% versus 14.2% growth respectively.

Ray-Bans X Meta, NYC - Digital Bus Shelter

While our downtown OOH networks can drive sales at nearby points of purchase, our airport networks can effectively generate brand awareness among style-conscious travelers. Ray-Ban chose to leverage both our airport and street networks with their latest “Ray-Ban Stories” campaign featuring captivating motion ads as part of a collaborative product launch with Meta.

Chanel - Chicago, Digital CIP

From contemporary labels like Ray-Ban to luxury names like Chanel and Tom Ford, fashion brands continue to choose OOH to drive meaningful engagement. According to a recent Consumer Insights and Intent report from OAAA, of the 77% of consumers in urban areas with over one million people that have recently engaged with an OOH ad, 50% made a physical purchase.

Jimmy Choo, NYC - Digital Newsstand

The same report found that 63% of consumers in these large urban areas find advertisements for retail as the most relevant, and that 59% of these consumers are likely to visit an advertiser’s physical store after seeing an OOH ad of interest.

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