Airlines and airports are now offering COVID-19 testing prior to takeoff and landing to improve safety measures and help travelers avoid quarantines at their destinations.
As coronavirus cases fluctuate throughout the U.S., more and more tourist destinations are requiring travelers to show a negative test result before arrival. With high demand for tests in most of the country, it is difficult to receive a test result promptly and even more difficult when destinations require a negative test result within 48-72 hours before arrival.

To improve safety measures and provide more convenience, airlines and airports are offering COVID-19 tests to travelers prior to takeoff and landing. Those with negative test results can avoid quarantines at their destinations and make them feel more at ease while flying!

Airlines currently offering COVID-19 testing at select airports:
  • United Airlines – Rapid test at the airport (results within 15 minutes) or drive-through testing prior to takeoff (results within 20-30 minutes).
  • American Airlines – At-home test observed by video call (results within 48 hours) or in-person at a clinic or the airport (only available in Dallas-Fort Worth area, results within 72 hours)
  • Hawaiian Airlines – Drive-through testing (results within 36 hours) or at-home test observed by video call (results within 24 hours of lab arrival)
  • JetBlue – At-home test (results within 72 hours)

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