Tripadvisor has recently changed their logo and completely rebranded their company. Amid the pandemic with people beginning to ease back into travel, Tripadvisor has partnered with JCDecaux to show off their new branding!
Tripadvisor’s campaign is being showcased at LAX, BOS, and JFK. Running on JCDecaux’s premiere digital networks and iconic large digital and static formats, Tripadvisor’s new branding efforts are hard to miss! 

This campaign comes in time to encourage travelers to take precautions when transitioning back into taking trips and introduce their new platform, Reco (still in beta testing mode). This platform connects consumers to travel advisors who will plan and book their trip.  

“Our campaign is the outward manifestation of a lot of work that’s going on with the company and a lot of efforts to change the experience on-site. The notion of ‘There’s Good Out There’ has a level of optimism inherent in our brand,” said Brad Soroca, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Tripadvisor. “That desire to move and get out, do it safely—we can play an important role in that.” (Source: Adweek)

Check out TripAdvisor's full campaign at LAX, BOS, and JFK below!