Our premier New York bus shelters in Manhattan and Brooklyn have been outfitted with ads targeting residents, media experts, and industry insiders ahead of and during two of the city’s most coveted cultural events; the Brooklyn and Tribeca Film Festivals.

Running from June 3rd to June 12th, the 25th annual Brooklyn Film Festival is showcasing 145 films in competition for the Grand Chameleon Award. As the longest-running international-competitive film festival, BFF drives an enormous turnout each year.

Festival organizers have incorporated out-of-home into their marketing strategy to maintain its steady momentum. And in the spirit of this year’s theme, unthinkable, a truly captivating set of avant-garde creative variants have been created to captivate and immediately intrigue viewers.

By leveraging our digital bus shelters in Downtown and South Brooklyn, BFF was able to achieve their mission of community engagement and involvement by reaching borough residents in addition to out-of-town attendees. 

Meanwhile, Amazon’s Audible saw a key advertising opportunity with the annual Tribeca Festival. Kicking off on June 8th with a star-studded premier, this renowned media spectacle attracts approximately 150,000 film buffs and industry insiders to view its over 600 screenings.

 The audiobook and podcast platform is tapping into the power of contextual relevancy, with a set of creatives which suggest their service as the perfect downtime escape between events and during travel

Our digital and static networks of bus shelters are helping Audible to make the most of this influx of eyes in Manhattan, increasing the likelihood of reaching residents and festival goers outside of their homes where they have a heightened sense of their surroundings.  

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