These four top markets are the key to advertising success.
JCDecaux’s street furniture strategically occupies some of the top markets in the U.S., including New York, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco. Largely positioned on sidewalks, our digital and static street furniture reaches both automobile drivers and pedestrians.
Our street furniture markets have significant automobile and foot traffic compared to other U.S. cities. In a recent INRIX study on global automobile traffic, Boston was named the most congested city in the country with drivers spending the most time sitting in traffic. Chicago is the second most congested city, and New York City the fourth. In a 2019 OAAA study, Boston was reported as the top pedestrian market in the U.S, with San Francisco coming in a close second, and New York City in third place.
High automobile congestion rates coupled with high volumes of pedestrians result in increased opportunities commuters, local, and tourists to be exposed to our advertisements.

Our unique and diverse street furniture platforms are designed to deliver uninterrupted, and larger-than-life canvases for brands. Our premium networks are designed to dominate the most highly sought after markets and warrant millions of impressions daily.

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