By optimizing ads with clear calls-to-action (CTAs), top advertisers are successfully driving traffic online and in-store. 
As OOH’s popularity continues to grow, top advertisers are leveraging its high reach to encourage specific consumer engagement with the addition of clear calls-to-action.    

According to a recent consumer report from OAAA and The Harris Poll, of the 77% of consumers in cities of 1M+ population that have recently engaged with an OOH ad, 43% have visited the advertiser’s website and 39% made a physical in-store purchase.

These findings prove that OOH is an extremely powerful advertising format that can drive traffic and subsequent sales when fully optimized.
Shein is using CTAs to drive holiday shopping traffic on our New York, Boston, and Chicago digital street furniture networks as well as our San Francisco static pillars. The creatives of this campaign highlight an enticing special offer that successfully ushers consumers to the Shein website, offering this e-commerce retailer a physical presence outside of the virtual world.
This campaign also embodies the inherent flexibility of our digital OOH inventory as Shein was able to update its campaign’s creative over its flight from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.
Tory Burch is leveraging directional information as a CTA with their recent advertising campaign on our New York and Chicago street furniture networks.

These fashion-forward creatives are reaching consumers near the point of purchase at a time when they’re most receptive to advertisements. This is one of the main reasons why advertisers are using outdoor ad space to drive in-store traffic.
LensCrafters is similarly driving in-store traffic with the addition of their store address alongside clean and effective creatives on our New York digital bus shelters. 

Advertisers’ utilization of directional OOH ads makes sense given its proven effects on campaign impact; according to a 2019 Nielsen study, of the 39% of consumers who noticed directional OOH ads, 20% immediately visited the business being advertised and 74% of those who visited made a physical purchase.

By partnering our top-of-the-line OOH inventory with well-thought-out campaigns featuring concise calls-to-action, top advertisers like these can drive consumer engagement and traffic to their website or physical store with measurable results.

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