The tourism industry is focusing on nearby travel to fit the new needs of consumers.
As restrictions ease across the country with the distribution of the vaccine, there is a push for local and regional tourism from advertisers. They are also reaching consumers during the transition to spring weather when people are more eager to withdraw from their homes and spend time outside.
Amtrak is running a campaign on our Chicago Digital Network, urging Chicagoans to escape to a relaxing nearby getaway which they can get to by Amtrak train. Since the start of the pandemic, travelers have been looking for safer alternatives to flying, and train travel may fulfill this space for many.
Visit Boston is taking more of a community approach with its tourism campaign posted within its own city. With its ‘All Inclusive’ tagline, the goal of this campaign is to showcase restaurants, cultural destinations, and shopping establishments which are not part of the typical Boston tourism narrative. The creatives posted across Boston neighborhoods aim to reach a range of Bostonians and remind them that businesses all over the city need their support.
Out-of-home has always been an effective platform for the tourism industry but is even more so right now. In the wake of COVID-19, this category has especially suffered and is now in need of an extensive recovery. JCDecaux’s mass medium Chicago digital billboards have high potential in reaching large quantities of individuals and new consumers every day. Our Boston street furniture is dispersed throughout the city and penetrates neighborhoods where there is no other out-of-home media present. These outdoor platforms are reaching those who are already leaving their homes, hopefully encouraging them to take an easily accessible leisure trip in the nearby future.