JCDecaux continues its partnership with the Public Art Fund to bring art to the city streets!

In partnership with The Public Art Fund, the new exhibition, Travels Pretty, can be found on 300 JCDecaux bus shelters across our New York City, Chicago, and Boston inventory. This exhibition marks the third three-city-wide exhibition that JCDecaux and The Public Art Fund have partnered on since our partnership started in 2019!

The current exhibition, Travels Pretty, displays 12 new artworks by artist Wendy Red Star, a member of the Apsáalooke (Crow) tribe. She works across disciplines to explore the intersections of Native American ideologies and colonization and her work for the JCDecaux bus shelters incorporate designs from varying Apsáalooke parfleches carrying cases with text representing their history and meaning.  

When creating these pieces,  Red Star kept in mind the format they would be featured on, interweaving her art and our shelters as representations for travel –  as the parfleches transported goods while, our bus shelters serve as transportation hubs for those traveling by bus. By incorporating Apsáalooke history into her artworks, Red Star showcases native perspectives in a freely accessible format throughout urban environments.   

Through our collaboration with The Public Art Fund, we are proud to be able to showcase artwork in unexpected environments, uplifting cities, creating conversations, and incorporating art throughout individuals' day-to-day lives! 
To learn more about the current exhibition, Travels Pretty and Wendy Red Star, go to The Public Art Funds website:

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