How companies advertise their special events and promotions can play a crucial role in its success. Many advertisers are using OOH advertising to convince a large, diverse audience to attend upcoming events and what a good time they will have.

United Airlines advertised along the New York City Marathon Parade Route with different creatives that congratulated all the runners. This campaign caught not only the eyes of the runners but bystanders as well.

JCDecaux offers premium networks that will help advertise special events such as United’s campaign. Digital billboards are a great way to create excitement before the event even begins. Our Chicago Digital Network (CDN) enables marketers to broadcast their message to a large audience and allows them to display messages leading up to the event as well as real-time updates during the event, such as game scores. Digital billboards create impact with their large size and bright lights that demand attention from motorists driving by.

CDN and our street furniture also allows advertiser messages to follow conventioneers from the airport all the way to the areas surrounding convention centers. Additionally, our street furniture is a great medium which allows them to zero in on specific neighborhoods for upcoming events such as the World Pride festivities this past summer.

It is a welcoming confirmation for an advertiser’s audience as well as others to see their advertising message meet them as they venture into the city for a holiday celebration, special event or convention. Advertisements ornamenting bus shelters and newsstands are seen repeatedly by local commuters on their daily route as well. Placement options can include potential saturation of messaging without competition for attention. Street furniture is a great ground-level platform allowing advertisers to reach target audiences in a specific, real-world context.

These unique platforms are designed to create excitement, build awareness, control timing ad localize your special event message while reaching large and diverse audiences!