Samsung is advertising across JCDecaux's digital airport out of home screens to promote their new devices: the Galaxy S24, Z Flip5, and Z Fold4. Reaching a mass audience with wide tastes and a concentration of tech enthusiasts, this OOH campaign is sure to boost sales of their latest releases.

Launched last week at Galaxy Unpacked 2024 in San Jose, the new Galaxy S24 is taking the tech world, and Miami International Airport, by storm. Leveraging our massive overhead digital spectaculars in MIA’s busy Concourse D, Samsung’s latest creative features the highly anticipated AI-powered device.

Why Leverage Airports for Product Launches?

Not only is out of home a great medium for product launches- as a mass medium, OOH provides wide reach and helps build awareness- but Miami International Airport specifically is a great strategic choice for tech brands. According to Neustar U.S. mobile phone data, nearly 30% of the audience in MIA identifies as a tech enthusiast, over-indexing at 219. The new S24, with a price tag of $799, is Samsung’s most premium phone and is targeted towards these early adopter tech enthusiasts with the discretionary income to splurge on the latest and greatest. With a highly concentrated target audience and centrally located full motion advertising, Samsung’s campaign is guaranteed to boost S24 phone presales.

Oversized digital screen in Miami International Airport shows Samsung ad. Screen hangs over busy concourse with shops and travelers

Airport Advertising Builds Consumer Trust

Like any technology company, Samsung’s status as a market leader hinges on their ability to release innovative and compelling products that sell, as well as their reputation for quality and reliable technology. In a crowded marketplace, savvy brands can’t simply rely on their products to speak for themselves- advertising across mass mediums like airport out of home helps brands to create their own narrative and guide consumer awareness.

Having consumer confidence is crucial in the release of products with cutting edge technology- like Samsung’s foldable phones and foray into artificial intelligence. A study by JCDecaux discovered that 81% of consumers say trust is a deciding factor in the purchase decision- and that out of home increases brand trust more than any other advertising medium.

Competing closely with Apple and Google for mobile phone sales, building trust in regard to planned obsolescence is a huge opportunity- and one Samsung took; at Galaxy Unpacked 2024, they announced that the S24 phones will be supported with updates for 7 years- 2 years longer than Apple supports their devices, and an increase of 4 years compared to previous releases.