Artist, Paola Mendoza, used this past Mother’s Day as a channel of delivery for an incredibly meaningful message on the streets of New York City. She captured the simple but striking imagery of a single immigrant woman hovering above swampland, contrasting with her bright red frock. This photograph was captioned “Immigrant mothers, you make miracles happen.” The text was written in both English and Spanish, speaking to Queens’ diverse population.
She deliberately featured this creative on our street furniture located in Queens, as it houses a large population of immigrants and is the NYC borough that has been the hardest hit with COVID-19. Mendoza voices that the majority of essential workers are non-white mothers, and these women need to be celebrated now more than ever. Immigrant women are often a marginalized group and as a result, their indispensable work is often overlooked. Her campaign serves to increase awareness surrounding this issue and to gain these incredible women the recognition that they deserve.

The location of our street furniture allowed for the targeting of these immigrant mothers and reached many of them as they commuted to their essential jobs. JCDecaux often displays contemporary art across our markets, allowing for greater exposure to the valuable messages which these pieces hold. You can learn more about Paola Mendoza and the powerful response to the campaign in her interview with MSNBC: