The Washington Post takes over some of LAX’s most impactful inventory to promote their equally impactful climate coverage.

Above-the-fold news deserves above-average advertising; “This is Climate” from The Washington Post combines striking photography, bold headlines, and JCDecaux’s iconic digital screens in LAX to promote their climate coverage expansion with drama and visuals akin to a blockbuster movie trailer.

In late 2022, the Post announced a major investment to their already industry-leading climate change, nearly tripling the staff dedicated to the topic. They aim to break through climate fatigue with reporting that highlights intersections with our daily lives, going further than the frightening reality of climate change’s impacts, to capture the interests of consumers who feel like the issue is insurmountable.

Airports are a great choice to attract consumers who care about climate; a 2020 SITA survey found that “80% of passengers said they were at least ‘somewhat’ concerned about climate change – with nearly four in 10 saying they are ‘extremely’ concerned.” Their 2022 study found that nearly all passengers would be willing to pay up to 11% more for their tickets to offset flight emissions. 

“This is Climate” is not just in the right place- it’s running at the right time. Timed strategically during peak holiday travel in December and January and located on attention-grabbing placements in the packed Los Angeles International Airport, the stunning campaign is guaranteed to make an impression on travelers.

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