Investing has begun to attract a younger audience, with a large sum of Gen-Z and Millennials. To reach the younger generations, there is no better place than in airports during the busy summer travel season. Webull Financial is taking airports across the U.S. by storm, advertising at the busiest airports from coast to coast to reach these young investors.
In a survey conducted by LendingTree’s Magnify Money, Millennials (60%) and Gen-Z (80%) are taking on debt and borrowing money to invest. These generations have joined the market to invest more since the beginning of the pandemic. With trading platforms such as Webull available at the touch of a button, consumers have the tools and resources readily available to educate themselves on investing.
Allowing users to trade stocks, ETFs, options and sell cryptocurrencies, consumers can check out all that Webull has to offer- as this electronic trading platform is easily accessible via mobile app and computer. Showcasing on full-motion digital units across the country, Webull Financial is dominating Los Angeles International, Dallas/Fort Worth International, Miami International, George Bush Intercontinental, Orlando International and Boston Logan International Airports. By reaching their desired audience on JCDecaux’s eye-catching units, Webull Financial gains new users as they head to and return home from their destinations.

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