Major brands showed up for one of the most celebrated holidays of the year.
Even though St. Patrick’s Day festivities may have looked different this year with new pandemic safety precautions, city crowds were still eager to celebrate. Typical advertisers including Jameson, Budweiser, and Guinness remained loyal to their annual campaigns on our Chicago, Boston, and New York digital street furniture and were also joined by Connie’s Pizza and Guinness on CDN this year.
Jameson advertises on JCDecaux bus shelter in NYC.
Connie's Pizza advertises on CDN for St Patrick's Day
Holiday-themed campaigns forge a stronger connection with the consumer, as they incorporate our inventory into a common framework of events known and loved by all audiences. Brands tend to begin these campaigns a week or more in advance to the actual date of festivities, sparking excitement around anticipated events with their products at the center of the buzz.
Guinness advertises in Boston for St Patrick's Day
JCDecaux’s digital street furniture inventory is in downtown city areas with high foot and vehicle traffic, reaching high volumes of individuals over an extended period. It is also located near businesses where advertised products are available, such as alcohol at bars.

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