In just one month, more people flew in or out of Los Angeles International Airport (2.6 million) than the entire pre-pandemic season attendance of Los Angeles NFL, NBA, and NHL teams (2.5 million). With airports being the only current venue where large quantities of people are congregating with long dwell times, the airport is the perfect space for advertisers to reach a large influx of consumers. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is taking advantage of the high traffic in airports right now and is promoting their new hard lemonade seltzers at one of the busiest airports in the world, Los Angeles International Airport.
Running on eye-catching digital units across all terminals of LAX, the well-known alcoholic beverage company is captivating all arriving and departing airport passengers and remains top of mind throughout their journeys. Showcasing on digital ad space throughout the airport, the lemonade experts are running on JCDecaux’s prestige digital network and digital charging stations. In addition to LAX, Mike’s Hard Lemonade is also being displayed on our premium digital units throughout New York City, Chicago, Boston and on our Chicago Digital Billboards.
Advertising their newest line of hard lemonade seltzers, Mike’s Hard Lemonade successfully elevates their brand perception and promotes their newest beverages to consumers just in time for the busy summer season!