JCDecaux partnered with agency Fred & Farid to uplift our urban communities with a campaign of positivity.
In partnership with JCDecaux, global creative boutique Fred & Farid developed the #WeKeepGoing campaign in October of 2020 to send out positive and encouraging messages to Americans dealing with the emotional weight of the Covid-19 crisis.
This uplifting campaign was honored at the 2020 Clios with the bronze award for Writing for Design. Running on 500 digital screens in NYC, Boston and Chicago, and on static inventory in Los Angeles, the 150 poster designs were crafted specifically to uplift the unique spirits of each major US city. The simple slogan We Keep Going, paired with city-specific iconography, colors, and copywriting, hoped to unite local communities during this time of hardship.
“Despite coming from all around the world, we have a shared sense of pride in our hometowns. We believe that we will overcome the challenges that have plagued us this past year, and will come out stronger and more resilient than ever before” -  Jean-Luc Decaux.

Learn more about the background of this campaign and discover the 150 posters here.

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