Recent research discussing OOH trends from OAAA revealed OOH's strength throughout 2022.

The newest research from OAAA revealed OOH’s ongoing strength throughout 2022, with a 26% increase throughout the first three quarters of the year and more individuals outside of their homes; with the number of daily overall and commute trips in July 2022 being higher than in July 2019, 2020, and 2021. In addition, 84% of individuals are commuting part-time and 64% commuting every day during 2022. Below are some of the key trends that have contributed to this ongoing success:

OOH’s Loyal Audience: 

-OOH viewers are more likely to be younger with higher incomes than the general population, with the highest indexing viewers being ages 16-34
-69% of Gen Z and 65% of those living in cities of 1M+ population are noticing OOH ads more than one year ago
-OOH over-indexes among Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans

Digital Fatigue Turning Consumers to OOH:

-About 4 in 5 consumers are annoyed with ads that disrupt their media consumption experiences. 
-75%+ of consumers opt not to have their online behavior tracked in iOS apps, Nielsen certification for local and national TV revoked by MRC
-73% of consumers are concerned about personal security and data when using online devices
-68% frequently skip online ads due to digital device burnout

Amplified OOH Reach and Action:

-57% of consumers in all areas of the US have recently engaged with an OOH ad
-67% of both Gen Z and Millennials have seen an OOH ad reposted on social media, 91% of Gen Z and 82% of Millennials would reshare an OOH ad on social media
-OOH boosts ROI of search +40%

Expanding OOH Opportunities:

PrDOOH Expansion
-Projected growth of 85% over 2021
-Projected to be 5% of total OOH and 17% of DOOH
OOH and DOOH Expansion
-OOH is projected to be the fastest growing medium in 2022 (19% net ad revenue growth, Dec 2022)
-Top categories include local services, amusements, and retail (represents 25% of total OOH)
-DOOH leads recovery at +32% versus YTD 2021
-DOOH increased 23% in 2021, forecasted to grow 27% in 2022
-Digital to represent 45% of OOH spend by 2026
-66% of marketers believe optimizing the media mix is the best way to maximize absolute ROI

Amid uncertain economic times, research shows confidence in OOH going into 2023 with a 6.7% projection growth for OOH ad spending, almost double the projected growth rate for overall media, according to MAGNA. With more individuals out and about and noticing OOH, we are looking forward to another successful year in 2023.