The sheer size and strategic locations of JCDecaux’s digital and static newsstand advertising displays have made them a sought-after medium for top brands and local advertisers to showcase big-picture messages.

Anyone who has ever paid a visit to the Big Apple is almost guaranteed to have been exposed to an ad on one of our newsstands- after all, they are the largest street-level advertising displays in New York City and can be found along the busiest urban corridors in North America.

While all our street furniture inventory is thoughtfully installed to reach a mass audience, our newsstands are an exceptionally cost-effective format due to their large, bi-directional advertising panels that successfully grab attention from vehicular traffic and pedestrians on both sides of the street.

Posted along key arteries in Manhattan and the outer boroughs including 34th Street, 42nd Street, Broadway, and Queens Boulevard, this comprehensive OOH network allows for brand representation in the city’s busiest commercial centers with abundant opportunities for demographic targeting.

Our static newsstand displays offer 100% share of voice with backlit panels that cannot be turned off or tuned out. However, advertisers can leverage further creative flexibility with our digital formats in Manhattan.

57 newsstand locations below 96th Street are outfitted with two LED digital displays of 138 inches and 84 inches. These screens are equipped to showcase limited-motion ads, with full-motion capabilities on five locations in Times Square.

Additionally, these digital screens have the potential for heightened contextual relevancy and elevated impact with the use of dynamic content such as dayparting or live social feeds.

Consumers across New York City will notice that our newsstands, static and digital alike, are used by both local advertisers and iconic multimillion-dollar national brands- evidence that our newsstand inventory is just as accessible as it is effective. All campaigns featured in this article ran over the last two weeks.

For companies and organizations looking to maximize their return on investment with an impactful marketing strategy, our network of newsstands in New York City remains a key tool for showcasing big ideas and solidifying brand image.   

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