Quarantine is getting more difficult by the day. With Zoom, social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation! For the past 5 years, Zoom has been advertising in our top airport properties, including JFK, LAX, and DFW to reach business travelers and C-Suite professionals. Now, the video conferencing is being utilized by these groups and beyond. Look to the proposed schedule below to see how you can make the best of your indoor days:
9 AM-10 AM: Coffee catch-up with your boss
10 AM-1 PM: Touch base with your team and clients
1 PM-2 PM: Make time for your parents by having lunch with them!
2 PM-5 PM: To cure that afternoon schlump, hope that someone on your team brings their dog into the frame
5 PM-6 PM: Work in simultaneous silence with your entire team… At this point, it’s just nice to have company
6 PM-8 PM: Take a break from screen time by hitting the home gym, reading a book, or whipping up a fresh dinner
8 PM-10 PM: Pop that champagne for your friend’s virtual birthday party! (And to celebrate the end of a workday)
With the new quarantine measures, people are now using the videoconferencing company to stay connected, whether it’s for business-related or personal needs. It has proven superior to its competitors with a ‘freemium model’, simple navigation and outstanding video quality.