Streetscape infrastructure for daily life: Simple services provide comfort, convenience, and shelter.

JCDecaux provides amenities for commuters in their everyday trips while also making the cityscape more inviting and safe for passersby. JCDecaux street furniture is designed with a community-based aesthetic, providing street life amenities – from public services kiosks and automatic public toilets to charging stations and City Information Panels with interactive maps and other information. We are transforming sidewalks and streets and blurring the physical and digital worlds through reinvented, connected public spaces. Our amenities are integral parts of urban planning solutions aimed at improving access, safety and reducing congestion as well as cultural touchpoints, serving as art exhibitions in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

Every journey in a city begins on a sidewalk and in such major U.S. cities as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Boston, the millions of daily bus riders deserve a dignified, easy beginning to their day. The mere experience of shelter from the elements on a snowy day in Boston or the sun beating down on a summer’s day in Los Angeles is an important step in making our cities more livable and our streets more sensible. JCDecaux works hand in hand with government authorities toward achieving equity-driven transit comforts that respond to the needs of communities it serves. To do that we begin by listening.