TRUMETA is a new dietary supplement manufacturer that’s taking advantage of JCDecaux’s start-up empowerment program, Nurture, to generate buzz and scale their business.   

With a mission of nutritional support sans GMO crops, pesticides, and other contaminants, TRUMETA is confident that it can revolutionize personal health management. All this brand needs is a platform to help amplify their message and gain traction against competitors.

Enter JCDecaux Nurture; a start-up focused program that aims to provide exceptional data planning, creative advice, and investment matching with a guarantee of maximum reach to the broadest possible target audience.

 TRUMETA’s series of creatives pop against a bustling urban backdrop with our digital bus shelters across New York City- a perfect opportunity for TRUMETA to tell its story of sustained energy that’s ideal for workouts or just a day at the office.

The ability for up-and-coming brands to gain a real-world voice achieves far more than visibility. By leveraging ad spaces like JCDecaux street furniture, advertisers present a sense of legitimacy to consumers that other media formats lack.

Additionally, out-of-home advertising takes advantage of consumers’ heightened sense of awareness when outside the home, thereby guaranteeing visibility that is more likely to translate into real-time actions.


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